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Evan Harris' example implementation of greylisting is a perl based milter for sendmail. It requires sendmail::Milter and a threaded perl installation. For more information refer to Evan Harris' greylisting page. The source is available directly at:

Emmanuel Dreyfus is developing a C based implementation for Sendmail/w Milter. It has been tested on many platforms, does not require an external DB (ie. mysql) to function. Look it up at:

Anthony C Howe has made another Sendmail/milter implementaion available. Check out:

Graymilter is C-based milter for sendmail made by Jef Poskanzer, it features whitelisting. You can find it at:

Eugene Kurmanin has developed another sendmail implementation. It is called smf-grey and it can be downloaded at:

Tim Kleingeld provides an enhanced version of Eugene Kurmanin's smf-grey (above) which varies the grey listing period using DNS black and white lists. White lists potentially remove any delay and black lists increase the delay (potentially causing an immediate reject). It is available at: