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Postfix now includes the sample greylisting policy-daemon in the main release (2.1+):

An improved perl based implementation (by David Schweikert) for postfix can be found here:

Michael Moritz has developed the gps (written in C/C++ using DBI), which is a greylist policy service for postfix. It is undergoing production tests currently. You can find info and download links here:

Also provides a new greylist implementation for postfix. Compared to gps (above), it has better configurability and a better memory footprint. It is available here:

Salim Gasmi has created a C based (better performance) implementation of greylisting for postfix. Gld is a standalone greylisting server for Postfix it listen on a TCP port and use MySQL for storing data. Look it up at: Volker also pointed out a detailed guide for installing it here:

Lionel reports that he has developed a new greylisting implementation (SQLgrey) based on postgrey. His version features a sql database backend as well as automatic whitelisting support. More information is available at his sourceforge page:

Leonardo sent in a link for another postfix based implementation. This one is based on C and has some of the most flexible whitelist options seen. It can be found at:

Selective greylisting is the name of a new postfix policy deamon by Christian Mock. It is different from other greylisting implementations in the sense that it does not automatically greylist everything not whitelasted. All email that seems 100% legitimate is not greylisting. Read more at:

tumgreyspf is an external policy checker for postfix, it check for spf records and optionally do greylisting as well. It uses flat files to store its data - so no database server is required in order to run it. Look it up at:

Kim Minh Kaplan created the policy daemon for postfix known as Greyfix. This daemon does not need a database server, it integrates with the postfix deamon, lastly it also uses very little ressources as it is written in C and optimized for having a small memory footprint. More information at:

Juanjo GarcĂ­a Latre explored creating a Java implementation of greylisting for Postfix using the Apache Mina library. You can see the fruits of his effors here: